Go Zebra 11 Trade-in Program

Go Zebra 11

GO Zebra11Miles Technologies understands the importance of having the correct and most reliable thermal printing solution for your application needs, all while minimizing downtime and improving service levels. As experts in the industry, we understand that a rugged and reliable printer can make all the difference.

Zebra Technologies GO Zebra Trade-In Program is your opportunity to realize the benefits of new advances in bar code printing, RFID printing/encoding and card printing, by upgrading to the latest technologies.

You can’t solve today’s challenges with yesterday’s technology

With the new and improved GO Zebra11 Trade-In Program, you can receive up to $500 cash back on a select new Zebra printer. Just trade-in an eligible, older model Zebra or competitive printer and purchase one of Zebra’s select new printers before December 31, 2011. The refreshed program even includes additional eligible printers.

The experts at Miles Technologies can be your guide through this process and help you take advantage of this limited time offer. Contact us today at 800.783.2132 to learn more!

Eligible Products
Click here for a complete list of eligible trade in printers.

Purchase Any of the Following Zebra Printers and Receive a Rebate End User Rebate
Bar Code
170Xi4™ and 220Xi4™
(includes RFID, RFID Ready & all versions of dpi)


110Xi4™, 140Xi4™, and R110Xi4™
(includes RFID, RFID Ready & all versions of dpi)
105SL™, RZ400™, RZ600™, ZM400™, and ZM600™ $100
Stripe® S4M™, QL 220 Plus™, QL 320 Plus™, QL 420 Plus™,
RW 220™, RW 420™ and P4T™/RP4T™
Eligible Trade-ins: Any Zebra or competitive thermal bar code printer is eligible for trade-in.
*Note: All trade in printers must power up and have a printhead.
Program Dates: • Purchase must be completed between January 1, 2011, and
   December 31, 2011.
• Rebate claims must be submitted by January 25, 2012.
• Qualifying trade-in printers must be received by Zebra no later than
   January 31, 2012.

GoZebra 11