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Automotive Barcode and Automotive RFID Solutions

Automotive Industries

In today's competitive environment, automotive suppliers are looking for improvement in profitability and business operations. Many leading automotive suppliers depend on customized, scalable solutions to create lean supply chain management, manufacturing, and quality management to drive inefficiencies out of their supply chain. Automotive suppliers must strive for continual process improvement so that they can remain competitive in a highly volatile global economy.

Miles Technologies is a leading provider of barcode and RFID solutions for the automotive industry. Our inventory control and asset tracking software solutions are designed for the automotive industry to ensure you can meet the challenges of today's competitive marketplace. These solutions assist the automotive suppliers by delivering real-time visibility for inventory, assets, orders, and shipments across the supply chain. This transparency allows customers to drive maximum throughput, productivity and cost savings throughout their supply chain.

Effective automotive barcode and RFID solutions can result in the following benefits:

  • Streamline the assembly and distribution operations for parts and vehicles
  • Improve manufacturing operations to reduce lead time
  • Improve quality control to avoid recalls
  • Reduce inventory costs and create a higher turnover throughout your supply chain
  • Eliminate excess cost in your supply chain
  • Improve asset utilization and tracking
  • Integrate into other enterprise applications to streamline operations

With over 25 years of experience, Miles Technologies has successfully implemented inventory control and asset tracking solutions using barcode and RFID technology for many automotive suppliers including: