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Barcode and RFID Solutions for Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Industries

The increased risk of terrorism to the global food chain has required the FDA to implement stringent policies for food and beverage manufacturers. These requirements mandate that food and beverage suppliers have the ability to trace back materials used throughout the production process. This includes the ability to not only assess what is currently in your facility but also where finished product has been sent.

Miles Technologies is a leading provider of barcode and RFID solutions for the Food and Beverage industry. Our inventory control and asset tracking solutions enable food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to comply with stringent industry compliance regulations, respond to changes in supply and demand, and increase profitability in supply chain operations

Miles Technologies can empower food and beverage companies to:

  • Comply with regulatory and compliance mandates
  • Trace product and raw materials throughout the production process
  • Improve quality control to reduce impact of recalls
  • Enable real time visibility of inventory and assets
  • Increase throughput with the use of Voice and RFID technology
  • Integrate into other enterprise applications to streamline operations