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Barcode and RFID Solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturing Industry

With increased global competition, manufacturer's are continually looking for effective ways to improve manufacturing and distribution operations. Pressure to decrease lead time, provide better quality, and provide competitive pricing dictate that companies implement new and innovative strategies to remain lean.

Our barcode and RFID solutions enable customers to have more visibility into their operations which translates into better cost control, faster response times, and increase productivity in manufacturing operations. Whether you need to track labor or materials through the production process, Miles Technologies provides inventory control and asset tracking solutions that deliver a tangible return on investment.

Miles Technologies offers inventory control and asset tracking solutions using barcode and RFID technology that enable manufacturer's to:

  • Increase productivity to shorten lead times
  • Enable real time visibility of inventory and assets
  • Improve quality control to reduce recalls
  • Visibility into work in process
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Integrate data collection into existing enterprise architecture

With over 25 years of experience, Miles Technologies has successfully implemented barcode and RFID solutions for many manufacturers including: