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Barcode and RFID Solutions for Warehouses

Warehouse and Distribution

Today's distribution companies are facing increased pressure from a competitive global economy demanding streamlined operations that deliver fast, efficient, and accurate supply chain management. Our inventory control and asset tracking solutions give companies the ability to have less inventory on hand which reduces carrying costs, streamlines operations to eliminate unnecessary labor expense, improve shipping accuracy, and increases velocity which enables customers to turnover inventory faster.

Whether your company utilizes QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, or other ERP systems, our solutions team has the experience to seamlessly integrate barcode and RFID technology into existing enterprise architecture.

Our barcode and RFID solutions for warehouses and distribution centers enable companies to:

  • Maximize productivity and eliminate redundant processes
  • Reduce inventory and carrying costs
  • Improve shipping accuracy
  • Boost order accuracy, fill rates, and on time shipments
  • Improve management control and reporting
  • Reduce direct operating costs and increase overall revenue
  • Deploy quickly and easily, with limited training requirements with an intuitive system developed upon a simplified windows platform