Barcode Equipment

Miles Technologies is a national provider of barcode equipment including barcode scanners, barcode printers, barcode ribbon and labels, and data collection terminals. For over 25 years, Miles has helped thousands of clients integrate barcode and data collection devices into existing enterprise infrastructure to meet their business objectives.

Miles Technologies is a premier partner and authorized reseller for:

Barcode Printers

If you can't ship product because your label printer is down, or the label will not scan correctly, you jeopardize business relationships and are exposed to potential losses. At Miles, our sales engineers will review your needs and help select the right bar code printing solution. This means our experts match media coatings, burn rates, abrasion, and pressure factors with exact specifications and the barcode printer all as a complete solution. Miles has proven that our product selection and advice is key to successfully achieving a high quality product ID program which won't cost you business. Miles Technologies offers:

  • Wearable to high production station printers
  • Complete mobile printing applications
  • Mono or Multi-Color Labels
  • Design services for labels and ribbons
  • Adhesion engineering for severe or harsh conditions
  • Printing services for special items or to cover capacity
  • Local or nationwide On-Site Service Plans
  • Warranty Service
  • Free Print Head Program

Barcode Ribbon and Label Solutions

Although choosing the right media combination isn't as easy as it sounds, correctly matching label stock and ribbons to an application is second nature to the experts at Miles Technologies. Our media specialists will review your requirements, and engineer paper, synthetic labels, or custom ribbons to meet the demands of the most severe conditions or stringent tolerances.

Our product selection and solution engineering process assures that a system is properly matched to your application and is built on proven techniques for reliability and quality. Our media specialists check:

  • Media coating type
  • Burn rates
  • Speed settings
  • Abrasion and pressure factors
  • Printer calibration and more...

Mobile Computers

As a leading systems integrator and software developer, Miles Technologies has a proven track record of recommending, designing, & implementing wireless mobile computers to meet customer's needs. Miles Technologies represents all the major barcode data collection hardware vendors and offers software programs for inventory control and asset tracking.

Our data collection terminal product selection includes:

  • Wireless and batch data collection terminals
  • Truck and forklift mount devices
  • Fixed station readers
  • Wearable accessories