Technology Integration Center

The Technology Integration Center is a real world manufacturing and distribution center strategically designed to give companies the ability to understand and compare RFID, Voice Picking, wireless, and barcode applications to determine which solution will best solve their business problems. A fully equipped 7,500 square foot facility, the Technology Integration Center has automated conveyor lines, dock doors, ceiling to floor shelving, and manual slap and ship lines.

Located just outside of Chicago, Illinois the Technology Integration Center is staffed by industry experts and houses the most advanced software, hardware, and infrastructure equipment. The Center is dedicated to driving technology and accelerating the adoption of software solutions that empower companies to improve efficiencies in inventory control and asset tracking.

At the Technology Integration Center we don't just talk about technology, we let you see and test it. Our professional services organization can provide technical guidance, extensive test piloting, and assistance in application development for areas such as RFID, Voice Picking, and Field Mobility applications that enable improved supply chains operations for private and public sector organizations. Contact Miles Technologies to schedule a visit to the Technology Integration Center.


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