Miles Technologies Partners with Reva Systems to Deliver Asset Tracking Solution for Manufacturing

Chicago, IL (July 14, 2008) - Miles Technologies has partnered withReva Systems, a leading developer of RFID network infrastructure products, to offer integrated asset tracking solutions which are now available for demonstration at Miles' Chicago-area Technology Integration Center.

Utilizing EPC Global's ALE standard, Miles Technologies' asset tracking software consumes accurate RFID data supplied by Reva's TAP controller. The Technology Integration Center implementation showcases an RFID infrastructure made up of Reva's TAP 331 appliance controlling and communicating with 7 RFID readers from 5 different manufacturers. The solution visually displays assets on screen to show movement and dwell times enabling manufacturer's to see the flow of goods through their manufacturing operations and make better decisions to improve productivity. Using the Reva TAP as the foundation, Miles' services team is typically able to configure the RFID device environment and go-live with the asset tracking software in less than a week. This integrated RFID solution enables companies to track WIP inventory, company assets (laptops, tools,) and other plant assets such as totes, carts and material handling equipment.

The Miles Technology Integration Center is now available to demonstrate the fully operational asset tracking solution. With over 7,500 square feet of space, the facility gives companies the ability to understand, test, and compare RFID, barcode, and voice directed applications to determine which solution best fits their needs. "We are excited about the opportunity to add Reva Systems' TAP appliance to our solution offerings at the Technology Integration Center. This partnership will help Miles Technologies deliver an integrated RFID solution to customers who will experience immediate benefits from asset tracking," said Tom O' Boyle, vice president of Miles Technologies.

As RFID moves into multiple-application, enterprise-wide deployments, the ability to scale rollouts is critical. The ability for manufacturer's to have visibility into asset movement within the enterprise is highly desired. The Miles-Reva partnership delivers solutions that meet both objectives. "Miles has built a solid application that is easy to use and quick to implement yet powerful enough to provide enterprise-class benefits," said Peter Blair, director of marketing at Reva Systems. "Miles has the RFID integration experience and a repeatable process for delivering an end-to-end solution that makes partnering with them a natural fit."

About Miles Technologies

As a leading provider of RFID, voice, and barcode solutions, Miles Technologies empowers companies to achieve efficiencies in inventory management and asset tracking. Miles Technologies is dedicated to meeting the needs of all size companies in industries like warehousing, manufacturing, and healthcare. We understand that different industries require customized solutions and that every business faces unique challenges. Therefore, we are proud to offer solutions that are easy to use and are committed to complete customer projects on time and on budget. Over the past 24 years, we have helped thousands of customers solve business problems and achieve efficiency goals. For more information call 800-783-2132 or visit

About Reva Systems

Reva Systems develops RFID network infrastructure products that enable customers to rapidly deploy scalable solutions in any environment. Reva's TAP appliances facilitate improved system performance, manageability and accuracy while significantly lessening implementation time and complexity. Reva products are delivered by a global network of partners and deployed worldwide by enterprises leveraging innovative RFID applications to generate value in diverse industries. For more information, please visit

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