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6th Annual VSR Review & Outlook

As the economy continues to slowly rebound, organizations should invigorate their sales teams by implementing programs designed to identify opportunities to sell deeper into existing customers; after all, it easier to sell more to an existing customer than find a new one. Focus on developing your run rate business for traditional hardware sales and residual sales opportunities like consumables to stabilize your sales pipeline. Channel partners should also analyze their businesses to focus on higher margin sales opportunities that include value-added services and software to their core customers as a means to maintain margin levels. While large, enterprise sales opportunities will still arise throughout the year, these sales cycles are longer and margins on these opportunities are often tighter because of the level of competition.

Today's economy also demands that IT departments focus on projects that provide the most tangible return on investment for their organization. Therefore, more businesses are placing increased emphasis on implementing solutions like RFID asset tracking because they provide real-time visibility into the location, status and movement of people and equipment throughout the enterprise. As organizations place an increased emphasis on boosting operational efficiency, optimizing asset utilization and improving customer service, the use of applications like RFID asset tracking will experience increased user adoption.... (Download full version)